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Why does Stamps require freshmen to take a chemistry placement test? Is it required to take a science?

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Yes, our students are required to take one natural science course. The chemistry placement exam helps us better advise students as to which courses to take and which they may want to avoid. 


"We are the leaders we’ve been looking for."

A beautiful and relevant quote by Detroit activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs was stenciled onto the sidewalk in front of the two main entrances of Bennett Elementary School this morning by a group of our third grade students and Stamps School alum Nicolas Lampert (BFA ‘92). 

Using stencils cut from plastic sheeting and fresh mud mixed up in buckets, we made beautiful, temporary, and ecologically friendly images on the sidewalk that will wash away with the next rain. 

We were excited to have Nicolas share this process with us this morning, and can’t wait to check out his new book A People’s Art History of the United States”.

Sophomore Nicholas Williams manages to fuse photography, printmaking, sculpture and performance art into one hot project at UMMA last week. Nice.



Performance at the University of Michigan Museum of Art

Achromatic photo lithographs printed on muslin, hand sewn into amorphous dolls, and prepared for sale hung like sausages inside a trench coat. Inside the institution guests are approached and engaged in conversations about names, the value of art, and notions of the sacredness of the art object. The conversation devolves into the performer eventually hawking his wares, almost always unsuccessfully, for 5$. He explains the object will act as a bond, pay today, wait, reap the benefits later on the open market. The conversation ends when a sale is reached or the audience is alienated. 

Transforming Space: Twister!
Last Thursday, students from Heidi Kumao's Studio 4D class transformed the entryway of the Walgreen Drama Center into a game of Twister, inviting others to join in.  While the duration of their Live Art piece only lasted about 10 minutes, the colored dots remained in use all day by other UM students …until the maintenance staff “cleaned up” at the end of the day.

Here’s the assignment:
Forming groups of four, students were asked to transform a space and the audience’s perception of that space through the use of their bodies, props, actions, interactions with the audience, all while paying close attention to the visual impact of their presence.  

What is the acceptance rate for the penny stamps??

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Historically, our admissions rate has been about 60% or so.

Hi! I was just accepted into the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. I had also applied to LSA and was denied, but I still wish to pursue a joint degree in Art & Design and Communications; will I still be able to eventually pursue this even though I was not accepted in LSA?

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Hi Anonymous-  Congratulations on your acceptance to Stamps! The answer is yes. After a year in Stamps you may apply for the joint degree program.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Karina in Admissions:!

Congratulations to Stamps student Jane Wiley who has won this year’s Kelly McKinnell Memorial Award — a $1000 travel grant supporting photographic projects that promote cultural understanding and environmental awareness.

Jane will be traveling to six small-scale self-sustainable eco-villages throughout the midwest and southeast, photographing the people and the practices of these communities.

She says “With a generation that sees more screens than they do trees, it’s easy to lose touch with the natural world. By photographing individuals that have devoted their lives to the land that they inhabit, I hope to inspire my audience to recognize and reconnect with the natural world.”

The McKinnell Memorial Award was established in memory of Stamps alumna Kelly McKinnell, who was the victim of a Chicago porch collapse in June 2003. The Scholarship, founded by Kelly’s mother, Jean Ware, and Kelly’s close friend, Warren Zinn, ensures that Kelly’s passion for photography and travel live on!