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Who says you can’t see with a box on your head? Students in Rebekah Modrak’s Studio 2D class recently made Camera Obscuras and took them out for a test run on campus.

Stamps senior Marco Lorenzetti has been busy— in Florence during his summer study abroad and now back on campus at Stamps. He attributes his drive to make so much work this way:

"Art for many young artists, doesn’t feel real or practical, often a far-fetched endeavor. The greatest professors I’ve had make art and image-making a real and palpable entity, something that is meaningful and, through very had work, can support a living and life…. A long road curves ahead but I plan to be as prolific as I possibly can."

A striking image by faculty David Turnley who just returned from South Africa where he opened his retrospective tribute exhibit to Nelson Mandela and the apartheid struggle at the University of Stellenbosch Art Museum.

Soon after his return David found out he had been named Best New Filmmaker and Director of the Year by New Filmmakers Los Angeles, and his film Shenandoah was named the Best Feature Documentary of the Year.

Congratulations David!

Anna Deavere Smith has been named by Newsweek magazine as “the most exciting individual in American theater,” and tomorrow she takes the stage right here in Ann Arbor at the Michigan Theater as the first Penny Stamps speaker of the semester to perform and deliver “Fragility and Resilience,” — a lecture/performance and one-woman-show you won’t want to miss.

Tomorrow, Thursday September 11th at 5:10pm. Tell your friends.

What now looks like this …



Will soon look more like this:





Stamps seniors moved into the coveted Integrative Project studios last week.

Each year these 10 x 10 blank white cubes become the creative epicenter of our seniors’ lives, with 24/7 access and a whole year to produce their dream project. Those pristine white walls won’t last for long.

Ready. Set. Go. 


Hi! My name is Juliet and this year I’m the new face behind Stamps Social Media. I went to Stamps for my MFA, graduated this past spring, and am so happy to stick around to spread the good word of good work!

We’re doing Tumblr differently this year. Alums and students: you can submit images and videos of your creative work directly to me through the "submit" tab at the top of our Tumblr page, OR you send me an email at Make sure to include a title and short description of the work. If it was part of an assignment, let us know that too!

See you around Stamps soon. Viva Art & Design!

Science and art touch the same space inside me. They both provide a lens, focusing on some particular part of the world. Both better be true – otherwise they are no good. Both require a lot of discipline to get at truth. And for me, seeing a subject through both the scientific and the artistic lens deepens the intensity of the pleasure and the depth of the meaning. - Eric Jakobsson. Professor of Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Illinois

…and a quote from Lia Min’s syllabus for her new course this semester, “The Mandorla of Life Sciences and the Arts”